BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESELanguage training for you!

Why Should You Learn Brazilian Portuguese Language?

Brazil is one of the leading economies of the world and part of BRICS countries.

  • - Portuguese is the 6th language of the world, soon the 2nd of the American hemisphere.
  • - Portuguese is the 2nd most geographic European language after English.
  • - More people speak Portuguese than French, German, Italian or Japanese.
  • - Brazil covers one half of the area of South America; is the 2nd industrial power of the Americas and is the 8th economy of the world.
  • - The bilateral trade between India and Brazil has crossed US $10 billion mark in 2012 and its growing, means more linguists would be required for the business.
  • - Portugal was the first European empire after Rome.
  • - Portuguese is the official language of several new African Republics.
  • - 1.3 million Americans are native speakers of Portuguese.
  • - Portugal is the sister language and culture to Spain and France.
  • - Portuguese is easy to learn for English speakers and for students of Spanish and French.
  • - Get better job opportunities - There is increasing demand of Portuguese Language Experts in India in various industries like Finance, Accounts, Technology, Technical Support, IT/ITES, Tourism and Education.
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