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Portuguese Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Conference Interpretation
Simultaneous conference interpreters provides an instant interpretation in soundproofed booths, receive the speaker's speech through headphones and those present listen through receivers. This type of interpretation service is suitable for conferences, congresses, courses, and generally for all kinds of meetings that require a translation in real time. For simultaneous interpretation, it is necessary to hire 2 interpreters per language, who take it in turns.

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Portuguese Consecutive Interpreters
Portuguese language consecutive interpreters are used for business negotiations and arbitration when there are two or three participants at the maximum. The interpreters sit at the conference table, take notes on what is being said and, once the speaker has finished, interpret it into another language. This type of interpreting is not in real time and means that the meetings go on for longer time period.

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Portuguese Language Tour Escorts cum Interpreters
Portuguese Language Tour Escorts cum Interpreters are used for outdoor tours while staying in India by Portuguese speaking visitors to India. They are also used by the business people travelling from India to Portuguese speaking countries like Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Porgugal etc.

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