BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESELanguage training for you!


New Delhi Portuguese Language Class

A prospective student willing to study Portuguese Language, need to contact via email or phone with his brief profile.

We are encouraging sincere, disciplined students with positive attitude and who are open to learn new language and culture.

Terms of Admission

The course is taught in English, so prior knowledge of English is must. A student who is weak in English, need to work more than a student with better English knowledge.

The basic requirements for admission are as below:
  • Basic English Language
  • Open to Learn
  • Open to understand a new culture
  • Maintain decorum of the class
  • Be Participative
  • Be serious about self-study
Please contact us for admission counselling appointment.
Call Us Now: 93114-88060 : Delhi,
96867-33757 : Bangalore,
98204-50093 : Mumbai
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